Saturday, March 24, 2012

Break Time!

We have been enjoying writing this blog since 2005. For a while we will not be updating. Please feel free to stay in contact and write to us at We would love to hear from you.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Parque Nacional Los Alerces

This is a beautiful place!! We love to visit. There are around 5 lakes, several rivers, waterfalls and other beautiful stuff!!

A Lake :)



Love this flower!

Fuchsia on the log

A fun camping place with the river running in through

Peter and Philip With the sign for Cascada Irigoyen

Us at the midway stop

Steps up

Cascada Irigoyen

Where it comes out....

pool at the bottom

Full length waterfall

Waterfall and Fuchsia

Sky, trees, and waterfall in the bottom corner

Fuchsia and waterfall

Almost straight on view of the waterfall....

There are several different lakes here...


One of the lakes

Our favorite lake here!! It is sooo green!


Facing up lake

So green!

Enjoying the logs in the water

Peter trying to get some kinda mussel

Facing down lake

Emily and Lorin playing in the river

These are some really neat trees!! The pictures just can't show how fun! Gramma, these made me think of you!

The roots can go a Loooong ways to get to the river

Lorin sitting on one of the trees

Emily relaxing!


Monday, February 27, 2012

homemade window clings

A map!

Mix a small amount of tempera paint and regular white school glue. We put them in squeeze bottles, but you can also use a paintbrush.

You can paint freehand or...

Put a simple picture under a page protector and paint...

and paint!

Let dry very very well. Peel off and stick to window.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


We love camping! We went out to the Estancia again, but a different place because it was too cold to be fording the river at night. We had so much fun!

Keeping the chili warm. I love cast iron pans!

Bill blowing the sand off the lid. We really didn't want Sand Chili!

Still warm


Andés Mountains

Can't forget the Yerba Mate!!!

Sun on the Mountains

Lorin's fishin'!!!!


The boys buried Peter up to his neck.... Took him a while, but he finally made it out!


Bill and Lorin having fun together

The kids found a really fun spot to play in the water. It has a small rapids and then the water swirls up against the land and swirls back around and out... It was soo fun!






Emily and I had a kinda run in... ;)

Dad watching the fun


A HUGE heap of debris that is like a house...has rooms inside and everything!

Um, not that great but this is one of the 'rooms'

Philip the mono (Monkey)

Emily checkin' out the depth of the water

Philip having fun

Dried out cow hide!

Peter checking out his ear

Love the scenery here!

Girls swimming around the tree

The tree